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Before you can achieve your goal and be a proficient dancer, you must learn the basics. At Salsa Marin, we’ll provide you with the basic knowledge as a foundation for your dance success

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An appreciation for dance and interest or curiosity are key ingredients to your dance success.  At  Salsa Marin, we promise to give you a learning experience that will develop your dance skills more than you have ever dreamed. 

dancE is for ANY AGE

Salsa Marin

Salsa Marin is a great place to learn to dance Salsa. Our comfortable dance studio is based in San Rafael, California and has a staff of professional dance instructors ready to teach you to salsa dance! 

At Salsa Marin, our Mission is simple, we want to help you achieve your personal dance goals. Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate dancer or advanced, Salsa Marin can customize a program to suit your individual needs and give you practical instruction that you will feel confident taking to the dance floor immediately. 

Salsa Marin provides dance instruction with Group Lessons, Private Lessons, Couple Lessons, Corporate Parties and Private Events.

Our easy to follow format will walk you through a series of moves creating a deeper understanding of the dance while having fun and dancing yourself into better shape for a better you! Dance classes are a great way to meet new people and have fun!
Taking private Salsa Lessons is the fastest and most effective way to master all of the dance moves that will enable you to start enjoying the tantalizing world of Salsa Dancing!

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